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Thanks to the “Ontime” real-time business tracking system we have developed to manage our services, we make a difference with our service quality and transparency.

Real-Time Business Tracking System: Ontime

With Ontime, we manage all our operations processes remotely, mobile and in real time and report to you as you wish.

With our software that systematically monitors and reports all integrated facility management data, especially on/off data of requests, we also provide instant solutions to your needs by receiving 24/7 calls via Tepe Call Center.

By using the ontime program in our Off-Site ATM Cleaning processes, as the sector leader for the leading banks in the world and our country in 81 provinces and TRNC, we perform an average of 50 thousand ATM wipes in the most optimal manner every month and report to all our customers with visual support.

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With Ontime technology;

Regardless of your service needs, you can track your business anytime, anywhere
You can track both scheduled jobs and assigned jobs at any time
You can see all the work to be done and check the processes through the checklist
You won’t miss any detail with transparent reporting

Emergency Cleaning Button

With the emergency cleaning button, which is one of our innovative applications, we turn instant “clean” warning from you to the action.

Tepe Academy

In addition to classroom trainings, with Tepe Academy, our online training portal, we take training out of classrooms and make it possible for our employees to receive training at the most convenient time and space without limitation, and we continuously increase the knowledge of our employees and monitor their progress.



Social Responsibility

We donate a large portion of the income we generate in accordance with the founding purposes of Bilkent Holding to which we are affiliated, in order to support science and education.

Nature & Environment Friendly

We pay special attention to choose nature friendly materials and use the appropriate cleaning materials.


For you, we meet your service needs with multiple solutions from a single business partner, making it easier for you to focus on your core business.

“For You”

  • We create solutions to adapt to your changing needs over time.
  • We help you increase the satisfaction level of your employees with the services we provide.
  • With our certified quality standards, we manage all processes in our services in a professional manner.
  • As your solution partner with our sector leader identity, we strengthen the reputation of your facilities and spaces before residents, employees and visitors.


Ranked 490th out of the top 500 companies

Ranked 33rd with the number of employees

Ranked 47th with its asset turnover

Ranked 62nd among Ankara companies

Ranked 18th in terms of equity profitability

Ranked 21st among the companies that increased their earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) the most!

Tepe Servis won the Facility Management Brand of the Year Award!

We won the “Facility Management Brand of the Year Award” in Turkey Brand Awards in the field of Integrated Facility Management Services, which can be provided professionally by a limited number of companies in our country.

We are ranked 23rd amongst 100 companies with 5.166 women employees and a %54 women employee rate in the Women Employee Friendly Companies Survey of the Capital Magazine.!


Facility Management Brand of the Year Award

As Tepe Servis and Management we aim to provide an excellent service quality with our expert team, the value we attribute to life-long training and staff selection. We are proud of the Facility Management Brand of the Year Award!

Clean Environment with Tepe Servis

We have actualized a pioneering public health project together with Tepe Servis. We aim to offer environment and nature friendly solutions with “Clean Environment with Tepe Servis” project.

The first venue of our project was the playgrounds in Shopping Malls around Ankara. We have disinfected these areas with environment friendly antimicrobial preservers which eliminate %99 of the microbes. Our project that highlighted the #dontpollute motto will expand with innovative activities.

We are 1, together we are strong

As executive managers team of Tepe Servis, we are at your service at Ankara City Hospital. We don’t care about the titles. We say “if i were you”... #atyourservice.

From “The Customers” Point of View


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