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Our Customers Say About Us

From The Customers Point of View

From “The Customers” Point of View

Ahmet Alparslan

Kırıkkale Podium Shopping Center Operations Manager

Mahir Toprak

Odeabank Internal Services and Banking Support Services Manager

We receive cleaning & catering, communication, planting, maintenance, reception and pest control services from Tepe Servis for our headquarters and different branches.

We are fully satisfied with the service we receive and the value attributed. Tepe is more of a business partner than a supplier. Our partnership manifests itself in the service quality and the value we receive right when we need it.

The facilities and the support which enable us to focus on our business management is of great value… We keep on collaborating with Tepe Servis with great pleasure.

A. Özgür Karal

Enerjisa Elektrik Perakende Customer Relations Group Manager

We receive inbound and outbound call services from Tepe Servis. The inbound calls we receive generally regard invoices, payables, subscription, power-up and payment transactions. Whereas the outbound calls generally target customer notifications. We also make external calls to report debt status, communication permissions or protection of personal data.

Ours is a very dynamic sector and the relative legislations change quite often. Therefore flexibility and agility are important criteria for us. We have realized that Tepe Servis differs in these criteria from their competitors and this factor defined our choice. We have collaborating with Tepe for nearly five years now and I strongly believe that we have made the right choice at the time. I can easily say that Tepe has the capacity to adapt to our changing needs and requirements. We are happy to work with them.

Demirhan Şener

Multinet UP CEO

Tepe Call Center provides three essential services for us. First is receiving and responding the customer calls. Along with the incoming customer calls, Tepe Call Center also responds to the calls coming from member companies and individual card users. We work hand in hand to meet customer satisfaction. The second service Tepe provides is telemarketing. We successfully collaborate in the promotion of our products and services. The third service is the follow-up process of the collections. Tepe Call Center assists us in communicating with the customers who hold over their payments.

Tepe Call Center is a reliable business partner. They work hard to maintain the quality of their services. They listen, understand and support our demands. I believe this successful partnership will be sustainable.

Murat Orhan

İDO - Human Resources and Industrial Relations Deputy General Manager

We have been working with Tepe Servis since 2011. The services we receive include: cleaning, security, occupational health and safety and call center services.

We receive a large-scaled support service of approximately 500 people in winter and 600 people during the summer time. Our field of activity covers a wide area around the Sea of Marmara. We prefer to confide such a large operation to Tepe Servis because of the high service quality they provide.

Sevda Kaya

Bilkent University Support and Transportation Services Deputy Manager

Tepe Servis primarily executes the cleaning of our dormitories, housing units, faculty buildings, kindergartens, nursery schools, secondary and high school buildings.

They also provide environmental cleaning and snow-removal services. In addition, we receive support services such as logistics, document posting, etc. from Tepe Servis.

Bilkent University has proved its quality and has become one of the best universities in the world. Mr. İhsan Doğramacı founded Tepe Group to support Bilkent University. The foundation of Tepe Group almost concurrent with the foundation of our university, thus is a deep-rooted institution. We are fully satisfied to collaborate with Tepe Servis which has proved its proficiency with its quality standard certificates.

Asude Soyaslan

Enerjisa Dağıtım - Customer Relations and Call Center Manager

We receive 186 call center service for our Toroslar and Ayedaş Electricity Distribution Services companies from Tepe Servis.

They have a flexible business approach which is essential in our field and they respond rapidly to our demands. We have an efficient partnership. They are always eager to further develop our business. Therefore, we are very pleased to work with Tepe Servis. We wish to have a long term cooperation.

Gülçin Çadar

Doğadan Administrative Affairs Manager

We receive cleaning and production support personnel service from Tepe Servis.

Our motto is "kindness"… The support Tepe Servis gives to education within Bilkent Holding motivated us to collaborate with them. With their expert team and solution-oriented understanding, they have been our business partner for eight years.

A. Vahap Doğan

CCN Healthcare Operations General Manager

We receive catering, security, cleaning, parking, disinfection, waste management and patient referral, support and transportation services from Tepe Servis. They also provide call center and help desk services for patient guidance and support.

We know the service quality of Tepe Servis which has been active in Turkey for many years. Tepe Servis provides several services with more than 85% satisfaction for approximately 1500 people in our Mersin City Hospital with a capacity of 1300 beds. Tepe Servis has become a pioneering organization in our country. Both by their executive managers, staff and the quality of their equipment and materials makes Tepe Servis our top preference.

Ahmet Selçuk

Çalık Holding Director of Administrative Affairs

We receive a wide range of services from Tepe including security, cleaning, tea house, driver, secretary, power plant and reception services.

Within the scope of integrated facility management, Tepe has been our choice because they provide all the services that require professionalism in different aspects and have various regulatory compliance obligations under a single, reliable roof. Tepe’s institutional and professional structure is enforced by their flexible, quality and customer-focused understanding.

Tarık Bağcı

M1 Shopping Mall, Gaziantep Chief of Operations

We receive cleaning and security services from Tepe.

Tepe differs from other service suppliers with their professional reliability. It is important for us to be in collaboration with a company which has a strong corporate identity. The constructive dialogue they build and their directness in finding solutions to problems is remarkable. I believe they have the capacity to idealize the quality of their services.

I hope to maintain our collaboration in the long term.

Osman Koçaslan

Tarsu Shopping Center Manager

We receive technical, cleaning and operational services from Tepe Servis.

Tepe Servis has been our top choice with their proficiency, capacity of adaptation, their courageous stance before heavy workloads, their empathetical staff and most importantly, accessible management approach. Briefly they are the ideal business partner you need.

Murat Balçık

PrimeMall Sivas Operations Manager

We receive cleaning and security services from Tepe.

Tepe is one of the rare companies that assume responsibility during these difficult times in our country and makes an important contribution to the development of the country. Therefore, we are grateful to them.

We appreciate the quality of the institutional services they provide as a national company and strongly believe that their partnership improves the quality of our company too.

Ali Çiftçi

Carousel Shopping Mall Manager

We receive cleaning services from Tepe Servis.

Tepe Servis is our choice due to their corporate nature, accessibility and professional management.

Seda Ateş

Banking Facilities Officer

We receive cleaning service from Tepe Servis for our outdoor devices.

We aim to ensure customer satisfaction regarding the external appearance and hygiene of our devices which is important in terms of preserving the prestige of our bank. In addition to standard cleaning services, we are also fully satisfied with the maintenance of ATM’s provided by Tepe Servis. Tepe Servis differs from their competitors with their institutional structure under Bilkent Holding.

Yılmaz Aktaş

M1 Konya Chief of Operations

We receive cleaning and security services from Tepe.

The corporate structure of Tepe Servis, the value they attribute to customer satisfaction, and their talented executive team fully satisfy our needs.

Gökhan Arslan

Çalık Denim Human Resources Manager

We receive several services and defence services from Tepe Group. They provide cleaning, tea service, driver, consultation, etc. services and security services.Tepe Group is one of the pioneering companies in Turkey. It is gratifying for us to collaborate with such a professional company.

We decided to work with Tepe Servis following the researches we have made which have proven to be accurate. They have a reliable corporate identity with a professional team. We are fully satisfied with our partnership.

Elif Çatmaz

Centrum Garden Shopping Center Management

We receive cleaning and security services from Tepe Group.

Their high-quality and reliable service concept brings them to forefront as a company.