Tepe Service and Management Inc.


Tepe Servis solves all the needs of your facility one by one, or completely at the same time.


About the Company

Founded in 2008, Tepe Servis ve Yönetim A.Ş, has entered its 10th year in the service sector. It is the only 100% Turkish funded company providing all service needs to corporate customers under the umbrella of “Integrated Facility Management”. In 81 provinces, with 9000 workers and 250 corporate customers, Tepe Servis has become one of the leaders in the industry.

Leading with Corporate Cleaning, Facility/Plaza/Site/Shopping Mall Management and Operations, Technical Maintenance and Repair Services, Bank Branch Cleaning / Off-site ATM Cleaning Services, Exterior and Construction Cleaning , PPP Non Medical General Support Services (P2), PPP Building Support Services (P1) and Call Centre services can all be provided from the same address: Tepe Servis. With its Integrator it can provide all needs and services through Bilkent Holding Service Group Companies.

Tepe Servis leads in the sector of off-site ATM cleaning with its portfolio of around 40,982 ATM’s that are cleaned monthly all across Turkey and Cyprus. With its double back-up 1000 seated Call Centre, Tepe Servis provides 24/7 inbound-outbound services to corporate customers leading in the sector.

Tepe Servis is constantly innovating itself and increasing its range of services according to the needs of the age. In 2017 Tepe Servis provided “PPP Non Medical General Support Services (P2)” to Turkey’s first 3 city hospitals in Mersin, Isparta and Yozgat and “PPP Building Support Services (P1)” to Isparta City Hospital.  In addition to Tepe Servis ve Yönetim A.Ş being one of the leaders in this sector, it has also managed to become a sub-contractor of support services for one of the world’s largest hospital complex, Ankara Bilkent City Hospital - a huge complex that consists of 3721 beds.

With its new strategy of growth through customers and partnerships, Tepe Servis , in the next period aims to increase its “Multi-Service Integrator” structure. Through this it plans to increase operational productivity, continue investing in special innovative technologies in the sector, and increase customer numbers for both Integrated Facility Management Services and Call Centre services.

About Bilkent Holding

It was founded in 1968 by İhsan Doğramacı. Bilkent Holding is a leading, global company that has been serving for 50 years in the field of construction, furniture – retail, printing and paper, real estate, service and airport operation with its affiliated companies.

In a short period of time, Bilkent Holding has expanded its field of activity and geographical coverage in line with international standards. According to statistics published by reliable and reputable sources it is among Turkey’s 50 largest enterprises.

The Holding’s companies have become an important force with their pioneering positions in their own sectors.

Bilkent Holding provides a reliable image created by the Bilkent brand with its strong financial structure, thanks to the experience gained in 50 years of history with his respect for the laws and ethical values, will continue to grow in order to contribute to the development of Turkey’s economy.

For more information about Bilkent Holding: www.bilkentholding.com.tr


To be able to provide a vast amount of high standard and economic services and be able to provide solutions to all the needs of customers with our expert, quality and experienced staff in order to allow organisations to carry out their main activities and create a quality life and work environment.


To be a leading company that sets the standard in service quality in domestic and international markets regarding the sectors in which we operate.

Our Documents

Company Policy

As a leader in the sector, our policy is to provide customers with services and products that are above their expectation and guarantee their satisfaction through our awareness and responsibility towards the environment, society and employees.

In this respect, our aims are, to work with suppliers who can provide quality, who are environmentally-friendly and can provide work safety and security within a framework of trust in order to productivity. We aim to evaluate all our activities in a systematic and organised manner in order to constantly better ourselves in the field.  

We commit to preventing negative environmental impacts, pollution and work accidents; we aim to continuously improve ourselves through taking into account or employees’ ideas, carrying out our activities according to legal standards, and enabling work safety and security.

Our common responsibility and future is to enable the sustainability of Integrated Management Systems.

Information Security and Management System Policies

Our company provides activates within the service sector.  In order to protect our data and work flows from potential threats secrecy, integrity and accessibility are fundamental principles.

As Tepe Management, we accept and commit to;

  • Systematically managing risks directed at our data,
  • Making sure all data protection and regulations are in order,
  • Create and apply documents in line with the standards of our Data Security Management System ISO 27001,
  • To impose sanctions based on the relevant regulatory laws within the scope of company procedures on internal-external legal entities who behave contrarian towards the system,

To develop our sub-structure and find enough work-force/financial resources in order to continuously develop the system.

Call Centre and Customer Satisfaction Policy

We give the promise a service with the aknowledgment of our social responsibilities and legal obligations; with providing high degree of infrastructure and technology, with providing qualified human source and taking the replies of customer/worker and others, for providing high degree of qualifiend and systematic call center service and continuing improvement,

With our customer oriented approachment we will take the demands and critics, within the shortest time and in privacy rights, with transparent, clean, effective and fruitful analyzing, with the compliance to legal structure and contracts, always available for answering and resolving the issues.